Welcome to The Yoga Bar

The Yoga Bar is a welcoming studio for anyone who wants to practice yoga for the transformation of their mind, body and life. We are an inclusive space where you can practice yoga as a community, inspire one another and yourself, and achieve your health, fitness and meditation goals.

We support the idea that every person should have the opportunity to practice yoga, that’s why we welcome all age groups with any health and fitness goal. Whether you are a yoga enthusiast or simply want to try something new, The Yoga Bar is a community for anyone who wants to practice yoga in a safe and beautiful place brimming with positive energy.

We strongly believe in the individuality of every person, and that yoga can help you acknowledge your individuality. By forming a community of inspired yogis, we help you identify your individuality. The Yoga Bar promotes the self-actualization aspect of yoga and community building that will help you identify yourself and your purpose.

From The Founder

A message from Oxana Kirsanova, Founder of The Yoga Bar: “Don’t settle for less. There is so much about yourself that is still unrevealed, only if you knew how to listen to your own soul and its needs, then only you will be living to your fullest. And when you live to your fullest you truly become free.”

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