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Chris Manansala

Chris has been a Therapeutic Restorative practitioner and Rehab Specialist working in Vancouver since 2010.

Through a combination of assisted stretching, manual therapy, and physiotherapy techniques Chris has helped many recover from/prevent acute or chronic injuries. His client list includes Disney, Netflix, Cirque du Soleil, NHL, ATP, WTA various professional dancers, actors, and athletes. Chris also has a significant clinical practice serving the senior population of Vancouver.

Hot 30°C, Weight, Cardio

Ricardo Trevino

Ricardo Trevino is a Holistic Coach with over 16 years of experience. 

His distinguished practice seamlessly integrates subtle yet impactful treatments such as deep tissue massage and energy healing guided by his extensive knowledge and tuned intuition. 

With a wealth of experience, Ricardo has established himself as a highly regarded and effective practitioner, skillfully combining these therapies to enhance physical well-being and facilitate profound energetic healing.

Services and treatments:

-Massage therapy 

-Energy healing

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