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It doesn’t matter what age you are or what your fitness level is, we have got you covered under one membership. The Yoga Bar offers over 50 classes per week. From High Intensity classes to build your stamina to Deep relaxation and Stretch classes that help you to keep your mind calm and body nourished. All under one price to save you money and one roof to save you time.

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The Spin Bar offers structured, high energy, full body workout classes designed to burn calories, increase stamina, and build muscle. With every pedal stroke our experienced and dedicated instructors will lead you to a stronger version of yourself. When we ride together you will experience a “nightclub meets spin bar” environment.

With our customized LED floor and the most amazing handpicked playlists by our talented instructors, we are riding and vibing to the beat of the music.

Our bikes have been designed, pre-tested and ordered directly from the manufacturer to fit all rider’s needs. We have combined the best for you: magnetic resistance with 40 pound flywheel; to deliver you a smooth and a comfortable ride. Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) pedals; that allow you to pedal with greater efficiency, stability and comfort. Clipping in provides a secure connection and engages more leg muscle with each pedal stroke. Lock in your spin shoes. They’re available for rent at the studio or bring your own pair.

No matter the fitness level, prepare to be motivated to achieve higher levels of personal well-being, physical strength and positive mental attitude. Let us take you to your fullest potential. Please arrive 15 minutes prior class start to adjust the bike.

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