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There is a growing trend of people who combine chiropractic care with yoga and fitness. Many people find that this combination helps them to stay healthy and pain-free. Yoga and fitness can help to improve flexibility, muscle strength, and overall health, and chiropractic care can help to improve spinal health and alignment.

People of all ages can benefit from chiropractic care. Chiropractic is a natural and conservative approach to health that can help people of all ages get relief from muscle pain, joint pain, and other health problems. If you are suffering from muscle pain, joint pain, or any other health problem, chiropractic may be the right treatment for you.

Let meet our muscle doctor.


    Dr. Joe Pratile

    Dr. Joe Pratile, DC, BKIN (HONS), is a Chiropractor, Certified Yoga Instructor and Certified Human Stress Response Evaluator. He is the Owner of the Vancouver Muscle Doctor clinic in Vancouver,BC. He is passionate about using International and innovative techniques acquired through his world travels that go beyond touch therapy, including multisensory conditioning, meditation, and multidimensional healing strategies. His practice focuses on maximizing results through a hybridized delivery of healing disciplines helping clients achieve a state of total wellness through a full understanding and practical application of treatments that harmonize the brain and body.

    Dr. Joe's Biography

    As Dr. Joe Pratile was growing up in Toronto, Ontario, he was unaware of how his passion for sports would shape his future. A natural-born athlete, Dr. Joe excelled at Tae Kwon Do, basketball, swimming, biking, and running, eventually completing numerous triathlons and marathons. As much as he loved sports, being a professional athlete wasn’t his dream; from childhood, Dr. Joe dreamed of being a top surgeon. It wasn’t until he suffered a concussion and low back injury that he experienced a revelation.

    A revelation through injury

    Unaware of his options, Dr. Joe went to a traditional doctor for his injury, as the majority of us would do. He was told that he would never be able to exercise the same way again and that he would probably never regain full motion in his low back. He accepted his fate, defeated.

    Upon finishing his bachelor’s degree and intending to live the rest of his life with a handicap, he met a chiropractor and exercise enthusiast who gave him hope. After examining his low back, he said to Dr. Joe, “We can fix this.” Naturally, this was music to Dr. Joe’s ears.

    Once the chiropractor was able to put Dr. Joe’s low back into a state where it could heal itself, it became obvious that seeking answers only from traditional medicine had limited Dr. Joe’s possibilities. Another curious thing began to puzzle and excite Dr. Joe. Not only did his mind-body communication improve but he also felt enhanced abilities in the areas of focus, concentration, and memory.

    A second chance

    Even though Dr. Joe had missed his chance at a sports career (even if it had been limited to university stardom), he was at least able to continue to exercise and enjoy simple pleasures that some might take for granted, like playing with his dog, Pacey.
    How many people get a second chance to live the life they had originally planned? How many are living with debilitating pain simply because traditional medicine doesn’t offer a cure? As Dr. Joe often says, “People judge their health on how they feel instead of how they function, and it’s the biggest mistake a person can make.”

    During his time at the Yorkdale Wellness Clinic, he used the Neuroinfiniti Stress Response Evaluation system to perform over 150 dynamic electroencephlagram (EEG) assessments. This experience offered him an incredible glimpse into each individual patient’s unique symphony of brainwaves and their ability to adapt, respond, and recover from stressors. He was able to witness first-hand the dynamic balance and beauty of the human brain in real time, noting the cognitive and electrical differences between men, women, children, autistic, ADD/ADD, depressed, chronic pain, addiction & insomniac patients. These insights have shaped the way Dr. Joe practices as a chiropractor.

    Individually tailored care

    Dr. Joe believes in individually tailored care for each patient, based on a full understanding of how well their brain reacts to stress—this is vital for achieving both immediate and long-term results. His experiences have shaped his passion for multi-sensory conditioning, meditation and relaxation strategies beyond touch therapy, including sight, sound, taste, smell, and vibration.

    Dr. Joe believes that when you balance the brain, the body will follow. In teaching others about the best tools to promote adaptation and relaxation to life’s stressors, Dr. Joe has realized how to positively change and shape his own life, as well of the lives of his clients.

    It is Dr. Joe’s mission to empower each person to stop being a victim of their health or circumstances and instead teach them about how the brain and body works so they can learn to achieve a state of total wellness.

    Credentials and Specialties

    • Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Canadian Memorial Chiropractice College (CMCC)
    • BA (HONS) Spec. Kinesiology, University of Western Ontario (UWO)
    • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, Upper Canada College (UCC)
    • Certified Neuroinfiniti Human Stress Response Evaluator, Chiropractice Equity Offices (CEO)
    • Mindfit Meditation Specialist, Porter Vision
    • Tae Kwon Do Black Belt, Park Jong Soo Association
    • Hypervibe Vibration Plate Rehabilitation Specialist
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