Hot 40°C, Stretch, Meditation

Louis is originally from Toronto Ontario and has spent the last 10 years traveling the world from India to Miami to learn various styles of yoga and movement arts & now resides Vancouver BC and now calls it home. 

Louis Holds multiple certification

Budokon Yoga & Movements 500hr

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga 500hr

Movement Flow level 1 , 2 , 3

AcroYoga TT 100hr

Rocket Yoga 50hr

Flow Acrobatics level 1


His favourite thing to do is Move! Movement is Medicine

The thing that challenges him most is staying a student of life

The thing he will never tell you is someone’s secrets or business


Yaletown Studio

Hot Power Vinyasa | Tuesday 9:00 AM

White Rock Studio

Hot Power Vinyasa | Tuesday 6:00 PM

Hot Power Vinyasa | Wednesday 9:30 AM

Warm, Stretch, Meditation

Born in Pinawa, Manitoba, Marcus was an all-star highs school football player, but suffered a severe injury to his spine. A writer and musician, when he moved to Vancouver in 2001 with his band Evoke, he needed some back healing as well as a day job. He got both when he started to do Bikram yoga a few days after 9/11.

By June of the next year he was teaching, which he did full time until 2017. In 2014 Marcus debuted Hot Prana, which maintains the 26&2 in a condensed format, adds music, upper-body strengthening, power-flow and personal development philosophy based on yoga, as well as his studies on psychology. In 2016, he led a teacher training in the new form. In 2017 he completed his yin training and began singing and playing guitar while teaching in that format as well. (Cool Qi)

He is certified in Bikram, YHot, YPower, YRestorative, Yin & Qi Gong

He teaches Hot Prana, Nu Prana, Cool Qi (guitar yin), Spin and Yoga Nidra. 

Marcus’ classes are very energetic and powerful. He has so much knowledge and passion that you can hear in every word he says. He takes you to the place you never been before. 

His favourite thing to do – is a legit. Hot and hard yoga class with my partner, then have dinner and go see a band. 

The thing that challenges him the most is being still in yin poses, also yoga studio owners. 

Thing that he will never tell you: I love the music of Kid Rock

Warm, Stretch, Meditation

Selena was born and raised in Vancouver. When she discovered Yoga’s unique ability to bring peace to her mind by developing a connection to her body, her appreciation for the tradition grew deeper and it motivated her to teach.

She started her path as an instructor by earning her certification in Alignment-based Hatha-Vinyasa in the style of Anusara Yoga. Since then, she’s had fun adding and mixing a range of styles from Power Vinyasa and Yoga-Pilates fusions, to Slow Flow, Chair and Yin.

She uses her education in Psychology and Yoga philosophy to incorporate psychosomatic practices. Whether her class is aimed at fitness or relaxation, she will guide you in building mind-body awareness through your breath and detailed alignment cues.

Selena strives to grow by pushing her mental and physical limits and is motivated to help her students do the same!



Yaletown Studio

Pilates Fusion | Friday 12:00 PM

Hot 30°C, Weight, Cardio

I have been practicing Yoga since 2014 and teaching since 2016. I studied with Anna Quest at Inanna Yoga School Melbourne and at Tattvaa Yogashala Rishikesh, India.

I have also practiced and attended retreats and workshops throughout Australia, Canada, India, Bali and USA. I found Yoga through Meditation, after having a deep interest in Meditation since 2012 and attending workshops and meditation groups frequently and eventually found my passion for Yoga.

Shanes class

Yaletown Studio

Hot Power Vinyasa | Wednesday 6:00 PM

Candlelit Yin | Wednesday 7:15 PM

Hot 30°C, Weight, Cardio

Wendy was born and raised in Ecuador, where she spent most of her childhood dancing ballet and competing in swimming. After graduating from International Business School, she moved to Canada to start a new journey with a quick stop in Costa Rica for her first Teacher Training.

Vancouver has been her home since 2017 after living in Ottawa for 5 years.

Wendy holds multiple certificates such as Hatha Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Yin Yoga, SUP Yoga, Aerial, Prenatal Yoga, and Clarity Breathwork Certificate.

Wendy’s Yoga journey started back in 2010 after she discovered the benefits of meditation that helped her significantly with her road to remission for Lupus. Her life with Lupus has helped her to understand and sympathize with her students’ needs and goals and has shaped her style of teaching.

Her classes will help you get to move your body with great knowledge and in a pain-free way with a focus on alignment using your breath as your main tool. Wendy brings to her teachings the spiciness of her heritage and the openness of her heart while leading you in her soft voice through a body-awareness class.

Her favourite thing to do: is cooking and doing calligraphy

Thing that challenges her the most: any winter outdoor activity

Things she will never tell you: she loves comic books and everything about the Wizarding World.

Hot 30°C, Weight, Cardio

I have always been quite fit and health conscious, and the more I have learned and progressed on my journey the more that has come to necessarily mean striving for health and harmony in heart, mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga has been a big part of that journey for the past 10 years, and I imagine it will continue to be an integral part for the rest of my life. Inversely, everything I learn will perpetually inform the ever evolving yoga practice that I will instruct.

I’d love to see you there one day 🙏🏼


Yaletown Studio

Hot Power Hatha | Monday 7:30 AM

Hot 30°C, Weight, Cardio

Diana Carolina is a passionate certified fitness group instructor and personal trainer. She started very young taking dance classes until she became a professional dancer and choreographer. She has performed with a lot of famous singers, TV shows, commercials, videoclips, and live concerts in Mexico and some places in the USA as well. She is a multifaceted woman, her career has taken her to do and learn many things. She also has a degree in fashion design, she has worked as a choreographer, staff coordinator, and assistant producer in many performances and live shows.

As a dancer, she has been close to pilates all her life but after knee surgery, she started to be more interested in pilates and gym routines to recover herself. She fell in love with the fitness world and started to study several courses, diplomas, and certificates. She thinks knowledge never ends and now she is studying a degree in nutrition.

In class, you will see how her dance background has given her a magnificent body awareness that will help you to learn how to do exercises properly.

She is certificated in pilates, barre, functional training, bodybuilding, pre and post-pregnant, and glute workouts to mention a few. She just won a fitness bodybuilding competition back in Mexico and she believes that every person has a different body and path but everybody can achieve their goals by pushing themselves through their limits with love but discipline as well.


Yaletown Studio

Circuit Training PUSH | Monday 11:45 AM

Circuit Training PULL | Wednesday 11:45 AM

Circuit Training LEGS | Thursday 11:45 AM

Inferno 45 | Thursday 8:45 PM

Pilates Beats Fusion | 3:oo PM

Hot 30°C, Weight, Cardio

Masha is an aerial yoga teacher, educator, and sound healing practitioner who is driven by a deep passion for her craft. 

She has successfully led aerial yoga teacher trainings, empowering her trainees to confidently share their skills and knowledge throughout British Columbia. Witnessing the thriving community brings immense joy and fulfillment to her heart, as they collectively spread the joy and freedom of being in the air.

In addition to her expertise in aerial yoga, Masha is a devoted sound healing practitioner. She firmly believes in the profound transformative powers of sound, breath, and meditation. 

Through facilitating sound baths, cacao ceremonies, and women’s circles, she creates a nurturing and heart-centered environment for participants to activate their bodies’ natural healing responses. Masha approaches each practice with genuine compassion, loving kindness, and an unwavering commitment to the well-being of others.


Yaletown Studio

Aerial Yoga | Tuesday 12:00 PM

Aerial Yoga | Thursday 5:30 PM

Sound Bath Restorative Aerial Yoga | Thursday 7:15 PM

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