Aerial Yoga Beginners Workshop

Become a pro on aerial silks by starting with the basics. Learn Aerial Yoga techniques, foundations and its benefits in a fun, easy and friendly setting! No experience necessary. All levels are welcome. Limited class size to optimize learning.
Date: Saturday November 6th 2021 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM.
Cost is $65 plus tax.

Bali, Indonesia

february 21-27th 2022

BOOST and DEEPEN your yoga practice with a daily Bikram yoga class in the very first private Yoga Studio in the beautiful environment of Pemuteran, North West Bali.

FIND THE PEACE in the outside meditation sessions surrounded by large tropical gardens with a magnificent mountain backdrop.

GET IN SHAPE with Inferno Hot Pilates classes.

DETOX your body with the most colourful and vibrant food you can ever imagine. Our in-house vegan chef prepares delicious healthy food only using wholesome, fresh, and local ingredients. All day long access to tea, coffee, and mineral water. You will return home healthy and strong.

EXPERIENCE true Balinese culture with a Balinese Opening ceremony by a local priest.

SURROUND yourself with two hectares of land with gorgeous sea, mountain, and volcano view.

This is a unique chance to see Bali “off the beaten track” and to experience the epitome of yoga bliss in the exclusive luxury of Jeda Villa.

Package includes:

6 nights accommodations at private Jeda Villa

All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

Coffee, tea, mineral, and fresh coconut water

Shuttle from/to airport

Unlimited Hot yoga and Pilates

Mat, towel, water service

Meditation course for all levels

Balinese Opening ceremony

Free Wi Fi

Daily cleaning service


Single occupancy CAD $2200

Double occupancy CAD $1800

Reserve your spot: CAD $500


Yoga Wheel Introductory Workshop

In this workshop, we will guide you through a gentle wheel yoga flow and we will talk about the different poses that open different parts of the body. Together we will try some safe back bending and core workouts. At the end of the workshop, students will enjoy learning how to use this very therapeutic yoga wheel. 
Date: Sunday, October 17th 2021 6:00 PM – 7:15 PM
Cost is $60 for the workshop, $65 to purchase a cork yoga wheel or get both for $120 plus tax. Space is limited.  

Nutrition Basics Workshop

TYB is collaborating with Ideal Nutrition to bring you the Every Day Nutrition Basics’ workshop. We are giving the option of taking this workshop in person or online. You will also receive goodie bag valued at $65 for our in-person workshop, as well as 15 minute south bath meditation to end the workshop! Please note: You may notice there has been a decrease in pricing from our original announcement.
Date: September 25th 2021 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM
Cost is $95 plus tax for in-person and $75 plus tax for online. Space is limited.  

Sound Healing Mediation combined with New Moon/Full Moon cycle

All our Sound Bath events are combined with Moon cycle, where Full Moon is a powerful time for looking within, for healing, and shifting and New Moon is an appropriate time to set intention, the goals, or to start new beginnings. Sound Bath offers a great way to channel these strengths.
Guided meditation of sound and vibration that can calm the mind and harness the healing and harmonizing potential of the moon cycle. Immerse yourself in healing vibrations in a soundscape of Gongs, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls,
Steel Tongue Drums and more.
Sound Bath events held twice a month (second and last weekend of each month). Please look at the schedule
Cost is $60 plus tax. Space is limited.



Sea to Sky Journey

Aerial Teacher Training Level One
40 Hours

April 30th- May 4th, 2021

Your hammock is a vehicle, and your practice is a journey. Get ready to elevate your yoga experience from “Sea level” all the way up “to the Sky” spiritually and physically.

Whether you’re already a certified yoga teacher looking to specialize, or a student looking to plumb the depths of the aerial yoga world, this 40-hour teacher training “Sea to Sky Journey” is everything you need to become an aerial yoga specialist, certified with Yoga Alliance.

Learn to dance between the elements of Water and Air. Flow, wearing away obstacles and feeling weightless. Manifest openness, playfulness and spaciousness with every movement as you do.

This course is deeply rooted in Yoga. You will learn philosophy and ethics, anatomy and physiology as well as teaching methodology and aerial techniques.
As you step into your hammock you will explore, refine and advance traditional asanas, learning that most things are a matter of perspective. This discovery will lift you into the higher consciousness of new possibilities.

You will learn how to:

  • Practice and teach over 100 aerial asanas and its modifications: standing and balancing postures, lunges and warriors, backbends and twists, stretches and restoratives, strength builders and hip openers, inversions.
  • Create alignment through anatomy, keep students safe in a sequence, apply assists to range of body types and limitations.
  • Sequence and create various types of practices, such as conditioning, well-grounded, peak asana and restorative classes.
  • Apply anatomy fundamentals in the air, deepening your knowledge about biomechanics and movement-based approach, techniques to reduce pain and heal injuries with the emphasis on the spine.
  • Awaken “spiritual spine” by opening its energy channels while performing yoga asana and breath control. Discover the Chakra System that controls all the functions of the body and mind.
  • Weave the ethics of yoga philosophy into yoga practice (Yamas and Niyamas). Learn about the history of aerial yoga and its development nowadays.
  • Become a confident and skillful aerial yoga teacher, discovering qualities and skills of a good teacher, principles of demonstrations and observations. Learn about time management and group dynamic, fulfilling individual needs and working in various group settings, establishing priorities and safe boundaries.
  • Use meditation and breathing techniques to create a holistic practice for your students.
  • Understand basic safety requirements for secure rigging and hanging your aerial yoga hammock.


Package Includes:


  • Certificate of Completion approved by Yoga Alliance
  • Manual with over 100 Aerial asanas with detailed analytic instruction
  • Access to The Yoga Bar on Demand App for free video tutorial
  • Anatomy Book for Aerial Practice
  • Aerial Hammock
  • Water Bottle with TYB logo
  • Tank Top with TYB logo
  • 100% cotton Tote Bag with TYB logo
  • 100% natural TYB’s lip balm

Cost: Early Bird (30 days prior the training) $1600 plus tax. Regular price: $1800 plus tax
NOTE: A non-refundable deposit of $250 is due upon acceptance of your application and/or to save your place. Payments can be made online. Cancelation policy: Fully refunded if cancelled 30 days prior the training minus deposit


Slow and Low
Restorative Aerial Teacher Training
10 Hours

April 17th-18th, 2021

This continued education module features restorative postures and flows for you to master in a low hammock.

Meditative and rejuvenating, this discipline is where you will learn how to create and hold a sacred space for your students, guiding them to restore physically, mentally and energetically.  

The passive experience of sitting with a posture, letting go and letting the process work, is an instruction in finding healthy coping mechanisms to any stressor.

You will learn how to:

  • Use effectively your hammock as a prop to enhance both active and passive restorative postures
  • Teach with a low hammock for students requiring modification
  • Adjust and use various heights of your hammock
  • Incorporate bolsters, blocks, straps and sound into classes
  • Use meditation and breathing techniques to enhance a restorative experience for your students.


Package Includes:


  • The Yoga Bar restorative aerial yoga manual
  • Certificate of 10-hour continued education with Yoga Alliance (If registered with Yoga Alliance)
  • Certificate of Completion of 10-hour aerial teacher training with The Yoga Bar
  • TYB’s own Stainless-Steel Water Bottle with TYB logo

Cost: If combined with 35 hours course: $250 plus tax
The regular price of Restorative course only:  $350 plus tax

NOTE: A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due upon acceptance of your
application and/or to save your place. Payments can be made online.
Cancellation policy: Fully refunded if cancelled 30 days prior to the training
minus deposit

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